Discover the paradise of smells and tastes in Tamme Farm Herb Garden!

A walk in the herb garden of the Tamme Farm, in a paradise of smells and tastes!

Tamme horticultural farm is a farm near Pärnu engaged in alternative production, where you can get acquainted with a model garden of herbs, where, in addition, interesting vegetables and bedding plants used in culinary, are grown.

Welcome to Tamme Farm Herb Garden!


Site description: 12 km from Pärnu towards Lihula, then from a crossroads to the right in the direction of Lavassaare 3 km (follow the signposts).

We offer: Walking in the herb garden of the Tamme Farm with the hostess as a guide, on pre-booking. A delicious herb tea belongs to the walking. It is possible to order the hostess’ herb pie to go with the tea.



In the Farm store the products of the Farm are sold: tasty conserves of berries, vegetables and herbs, herb and tea mixes and other exiting herb products. In season, the plant selling place is open. In winter season, the store is open if warned about the coming beforehand.

Excursions in the garden from May to October (10.00-19.00), with the duration of ~1,5 hours. Size of a group starting from 10 people. In the garden pavilion possibility to have a picnic for up to 50 people.

Package price: A walk in the garden with a guide 5 €/person (10-50 people in a group, herb tea) with a duration of ~1,5 hours, free of charge for children. Independent walk in the garden free of charge.

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